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 Testimonials for Carol Jenkin


 If you want a lovely relaxing massage, Carol can do that.   But what makes her so very special is her knowledge of anatomy and physiology combined with a true devotion to her craft and her clients. She discovered trigger points on my body -- muscles in spasm -- I didn't know I had and released them. I seriously don't know what I would have done if I hadn't discovered Carol.   At sixty-eight, I was resigned to aches and pains, believed they were now just a part of my life.   I was wrong.   Ask me to give up chocolate and I might do it — but don't ask me to give up Carol! Kathy


 I like the positive results in settling the body and neuro tension during and after each appointment. The work given to my problem areas has been focused and very good. Looking forward to the next. Thanks, Carol!!
by Sue on Oct 18

"Carol was a life-saver.  Well, not literally, but she was certainly a way of life saver for me.  After I badly herniated a disk in my lower back I tried several ways to get back on my feet.  Surgery was an option, but I wanted to try to prevent that if I could. 

I tried using a chiropractor, physical therapy, injections, and of course, pain pills. 

But it wasn't until after seeing Carol that I finally noticed an actual and lasting improvement. 

She was able to do what any combination of the other means could not.  She got me moving again and fully pain-free.  As a high school basketball coach and the coach of my two son’s baseball teams, I need to be healthy. From running drills to throwing tons of batting practice and hitting a lot of grounders, I keep pushing the limits of my back.  Carol has gotten me so healthy that I can do all of that without the pain pills or any of the other stuff!

I have also found the benefits Carol can provide to the young athletes I coach.  I have sent several high school players to Carol the past few years.  They have also had tremendous recoveries that their doctors told them would not come.  Rather than suffer through physical therapy and pills, these kids were able to get back to competition very quickly and at their normal level.  I wish I had found her sooner and I may have prevented the problems that caused my disk issues. Anyone, athlete or not, can benefit from Carol’s remarkable skills." 

Coach Ed

Carol is without a doubt the best massage therapist I have had the pleasure of experiencing.  She seems to know what I need and I always leave refreshed and relaxed.  Her pleasant personality, love of her work and attention to detail keep me coming back!

 Carol's work and personality are amazing. She possesses a keen ability to quickly diagnose and address the root of my pain. Her anatomical knowledge and treatment techniques are unparalleled, and she always makes me feel comfortable.
by Doug on Dec 31

All I can say is thank you! I didn't realized how much muscles spasms I had and how they were affecting me. I thought my balance was just terrible but I left my session I went to the gym to workout and I had no pain and had gotten my balance back!

by Daniella on Dec 31

I came in with a lot of pain and after only three sessions I was able to function and begin to train again. Carol is an amazing massage therapist who takes the time to explain and truly cares about your healing.
by David on Nov 04

Carol was very welcoming, professional, Glad to answer any questions I had.

by Phillip on Nov 02


She is very knowledgeable. What she did and said made sense Simply, The best deep tissue therapeutic massage I have ever received.
Susan from Milford, Pa


I was at a point in my life where I could hardly walk without stopping to sit due to the pain.  Work was a struggle, grocery shopping a grind and Christmas shopping a near impossibility.  I had many days where I would sit in a state of dread wondering how I was going to work for another 12 years like this before retiring to a life sitting in a Hoveround.  I was scared. I have been to several massage therapists with little or no results. Carol is very knowledgeable and result oriented. She actually listened and formulated a plan. I came to her with severe back and neck pain and leg issues which for years caused me difficulty walking.  After sessions with Carol, my leg pain is gone and I no longer have any problems walking.  My back and neck pain has decreased significantly. Not long ago I injured my shoulder and Carol worked diligently to relieve it.
I would recommend her to anyone with a condition in which they've had trouble getting positive results.  Again, thank you. Your knowledge combined with pleasant conversation and a charming, funny personality makes for an enjoyable hour. Every time I came in you made me feel as though I was your most important and favorite client.  That is a trait not many people possess and you have it in spades. You will always be successful.


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