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Meet Carol Jenkin, LMT 
Structural Bodyworker & Clinical Massage Therapist

Throughout my career I built a strong reputation for being a goal and results-oriented bodyworker, working on people that suffered from musculoskeletal pain. Through battling my physical pain and illnesses, along with my advanced training, years of experience, and passion for healing others has encouraged me to develop skills that make it possible to quickly remove the muscular imbalances and debris (Mental & Physical) that you have built up over time.

My intention is to assist you on your path to better health and emotional freedom. Ultimately my goal is to educate and inspire you to take full responsibility for your health and well-being, naturally. I am committed to having a long-term relationship with my clients, that is based on communication and a commitment to wellness. Teaching healthy behavior that enhances well-being.

Rather than attempt to encompass a wide-range of massage techniques, my treatments focus more deeply on certain aspects, such as Clinical Massage Therapy and Structural Bodywork and less on others. I am on a path to develop, learn and understand a higher level approach to massage therapy and bodywork.

My approach to bodywork has been addressing and eliminating postural distortions caused by muscular tension and muscular imbalances. It is my experience that many of the painful afflictions people suffer from are caused by the gravitational force that’s being continually applied to their body and the way their body painfully opposes it.

Most often (and rarely mentioned in modern medical practices) is the lack of understanding of how postural distortions have direct and negative effects on the body. These negative effects are often of the body being pulled down and forward by gravity, literally compressing the body cell by cell, molecule by molecule. On top of that, most people are not even aware that poor posture eventually leads to musculoskeletal pathology.

Through practice, I’ve evaluated and treated hundreds of people suffering from chronic pain. Most of the time, musculoskeletal pain is caused by the way the body opposes gravity inefficiently, meaning, their body weight has shifted off the bones and onto the muscles. This body shifting, altering and compensation often leads to a constant barrage of trigger point formation, referral of pain to distant areas, deviations (unevenness) in leg lengths, distortions in the pelvis and spine (misalignments), depressed or elevated shoulder girdles, as well as causing a collapsed (stooped or slouched) upper body and forward head positioning.


Carol Jenkin, Licensed Massage Therapist - Owner of Lehigh Valley Healing Circle
Pennsylvania Licensed Massage Therapist
Graduate from Health Options Institute
Level 1 Certified Structural Energetic Therapy (SET)
Certified in Aaron Mattes Active Isolated Stretching
Osteopathic Cranial Treatments
Orthopedic Massage
Certified in Neuromuscular Therapy
Certified in Advanced Myofascial Release
Certified Equine Massage Therapist


My mission is to safely rehabilitate people from pain, help them heal from physical trauma and stress, and open their potential so that they can have pain free, successful and happier lives.

Carol Jenkin, LMT – Owner, since 2004

Carol is a Graduate of Health options Institute, and is a Certified Level 1 Structural Energetic Therapist (SET), Certified Postural Analysis, Myofascial Release, Advanced Deep Tissue Massage, Aaron Mattis - Active Isolated Stretching, Frontal Occipital Decompression, Cranial Structural Release, Neuromuscular Therapy, and James Waslaski’s - Joint Capsule release. She works with Local Semi-Pro Athletes, adults, teenagers, and children and adults with special needs, most of them suffering from chronic conditions. Additionally, she is helping her clients reach optimal health by providing therapies which encourage the body to heal on its own and advanced detoxification through Nutritional Balancing w/Hair Mineral Analysis and Infrared Sauna Therapy.  While practicing, she continues to pursue her love of learning through advanced coursework in functional movement and Bio-energetics. Carol’s true passion is helping those who suffer from concussion symptoms with the use of the Osteopathic treatment developed by Don McCann called the Frontal Occipital Decompression.

Prior to entering the Massage field, Carol was a Registered Dental Technician for 14 years. This is where she started to witness a vast number of individuals who were suffering with what it seemed to her as unnecessary acceptance of pain.  Carol believes there is no condition that cannot be improved upon, and enthusiastically encourages her clients to embrace this same belief.



I am very thankful to all of my clients who have helped and encouraged me on the path to becoming the knowledgeable, unique therapist I am today. I Use an integrated approach, Combining: SET Therapeutic/Medical Therapeutic Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release,  Active Isolated Stretching, Trigger Point Therapy and Acupressure and Cranial Structural therapy and more...

People today are seeking a more prevention or healing-oriented system of care that focuses on the individual as a whole. My mission is dedicated to supporting this need by embracing each with a nurturing environment that facilitates innate healing, a shifting level of consciousness, and transforms lives.


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Carol Jenkin, Licensed Massage Therapist - Owner of Lehigh Valley Healing Circle

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